The Beginning of SweetMoses Brands

My fondest childhood memories were the times gathered around the family dinner table at my grandparents house, eating some of the best comfort foods ever.

Growing up a Southern girl, you know our table was full of some down home favorites. One of those dishes, of course, was collard greens.

My grandfather taught me the time intensive way of preparing collard greens, which turned out to be one of my signature dishes in our family.

Needing an easier way to prep collards, I stumbled across a woman that owned a “Green Shop” and all she sold was clean, cut, bagged collard greens, ready for your pot. After seven years as her customer, I took over the business and began selling to local grocers, farmer’s markets, restaurants, and produce stores. Thus the Birth of Sweet Moses Clean Cut Greens and the beginning of SweetMoses Brands.

SweetMoses: The Story

The Beginning of SweetMoses Brands