Food Feelings

By: The Real Rhonda Sweet

“Food Feelings” are what I call the emotions that are invoked when you take that first bite of that special something. The flavor takes over your senses and transports you to a time and place and you’re wrapped in a blanket of comfort.

I believe what Julie Child has said: that “food doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to taste good.” To me, that’s the art of comfort food cooking: having the ability to take a simple item and transform it into explosive palate-pleasing masterpiece.

honey-whiskey meatball sliders (2)

There is a story or place of memory behind almost every recipe I create or re-create. Take my Honey-Whiskey Meatball Sliders recipe that was featured in Hello Beautiful Chic Eats. These small bites are reminiscent of my favorite leftover meatloaf sandwich.

You know how, with some great recipes, the flavor sets in and taste better the next day? Well, I get a chuckle out of how I can remember as a child when that meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and sweet peas hit the dinner table – I was already praying, “Please Lord don’t let them eat it all, so I can have a meatloaf sandwich with just the right amount of ketchup on it, between two slices of white bread for lunch tomorrow. Thank you…Amen!”

For you, these little treasures might take you back to that favorite shower or party where you looked forward to the meatballs that were always banging – the ones that your aunt served with her famous deviled eggs.

I hope this fun easy recipe takes you back to that happy place or help you to create new memories as you bring your loved ones back around the table!

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